What Is Dehydration How Important Is Water 

Yesterday I received a call that my mother had been taken to the hospital.  The doctor told me that she had gone into kidney failure.  She is non-responsive, as well as other issue and more than likely will not be OK.  The doctor said she had severe dehydration and her potassium levels were too high.  This got me thinking about the importance of water.

What Is Dehydration How Important Is Water

So how important is water? Some interesting facts:

Our brains are 74% water.

Our blood is 85% water.

Our bones are 22% water.

Our bodies are 70% water.

Water helps transport vital nutrients like vitamins, proteins, sugars and oxygen to our organs, cells and tissues.  Water helps flush out toxins from our bodies, you might say it is giving your body a shower on the inside.  It helps regulate our body temperature, and when we sweat this helps get rid of toxins through our skin.  When we become dehydrated our skin will reflect this.  You will notice that your skin will appear to be more wrinkled and sag.  It also aids in the circulation in our bodies.  Water lubricates our joints and gives a cushion effect, helping to reduce joint pain and reduce the possible risk of arthritis.

So how much should you drink?  I see the 2 extremes, the people that don’t get enough and the people that drink too much.  You should drink half your body weight, in ounces of water.  If you are sweating a lot then you need to add to account for the loss.  Many in the fitness industry drink gallons of water each day, depleting their electrolytes.  Then they decrease their sodium and increase their potassium, which is a recipe for disaster.  When I have blood work checked they always come back with electrolyte issues and this is not as simple as taking and electrolyte supplement.

My mom has been a soda pop drinker since she married my dad, some 50 plus years ago.  I asked her more than once about how much water she drank in a day and she said she didn’t like water.  I tried to explain to her how important water is to the body.  I have heard this from many people and I guess if all I drank was sugar filled drinks I wouldn’t like it either. There are many ways to make water palatable.  Adding fresh lemon or lime is a great way.  You can even take a jar and put sliced cucumbers in it and fill with water and let sit.  Taste wonderful.   You can do the same with sliced fruit and it will give your water a great flavor.

You can go many days with out food but you can only go a few with out water. As you can see water is life essential.  Make a goal to make sure you are getting all your water in.