Tragically fit

Tragically Fit

If you haven’t read “Dying to look like a fitness model? Think again!” by Danny Johnson, you might want to.  These words are so powerful to me right now and so true based on what I am seeing.  What I am about to write is not meant to offend, but educate.  Many people look at these models and think, I want to look like that, and completely unaware of the price they have paid.  One model said to me, “Michelle we look so good on the outside but on the inside we are so unhealthy,” and I would completely agree.  Unfortunately, most doctors do not run the right test.  I am writing this out of frustration because I don’t want any more people to suffer.

Over the last few years, I have had numerous fitness models come to me with the same complaints.  They have anything from extreme fatigue, no energy, no libido, no motivation to work out, not getting the same results out of their workouts and their diets, or even seeing their weight climb.   The story is always the same and when they have their blood work done, the results are the same also.

Each has worked very hard to attain their physique, but at what price?  As I recently sat with a fitness model in her mid twenties, the doctor reviewed her blood work and looked at me and said, “Michelle, it is the same as all the others!”  Electrolyte issues, kidney issues, liver issues, and hormones where non existent.  I will go into more detail.

Electrolyte Issues

Many do not realize that fitness and bodybuilding people cut their water before a competition or photo shoot.  We are 70% water, so you can see this isn’t a good thing.  Our bodies are designed to do whatever is necessary to survive, so when people cut their water and take diuretics (I have had people tell me that their coach gives them a prescription diuretic before the step on stage which is totally illegal by the way, and this is very dangerous), this damages the kidneys.  I will say this again, THE KIDNEYS ARE THE ONLY ORGAN THAT YOU CAN’T REGENERATE!!!!  THE DAMAGE IS PERMANENT!!!!  The doctor told this young girl the repercussions associated with kidney failure.  Thirty-five percent of people that start dialysis die with in the first 90 days.  I was told of a 29-year-old guy in the industry who is going into kidney failure, which is something that is preventable.  Very sad!!!

Another problem is the amount of water they drink.  To be healthy you should drink half your body weight in ounces of water, and if you are sweating a lot you should increase this a little to compensate.  Many people are drinking 1-2 gallons a day.  This flushes out and depletes your electrolytes.  This is a huge problem among the average person walking around that doesn’t get enough water, let alone someone that trains hard and sweats, then adds a ton of water on top of that which flushes out what little they do have.  When I do energetic testing, electrolytes and other mineral issues are the #1 problem I see.  I will be writing on electrolytes next to help people understand their importance.

Many also cut sodium and increase potassium.  When this happens nutrients can’t transfer into the cells and waste can’t get out.  It is a recipe for disaster!!!  (You will want to read my blog on sodium).

Kidneys and Thyroid

Many of the diets that I am reviewing are anything but healthy.  They have too much protein and to low a caloric intake. It is always fascinating to me when I see blood work reflect this.  As we continued to look at the model’s blood work, the kidneys showed that the body was in starvation.  Not a good thing.  Her carb intake was between 50-70 grams.  I have stated numerous times that research shows that when your carb intake is below 100 grams, it reverses the T-3 function of your thyroid.  THIS IS YOUR METABOLISM AND ENERGY PEOPLE!!  And her blood worked reflected this.  She had no T-3!!  Besides energy and metabolism, this also affects your mood. You would notice depression, anxiety, hair loss, and the list goes on.  All of which she was experiencing.  Her diet was primarily protein. When you have this much protein, it is literally like taking a shotgun to your kidneys.  Again the damage is irreversible.


The liver performs over 600 different functions; you want to take care of it.  As the doctor reviewed her liver profile, her liver enzymes were elevated, again showing her protein to carb to fat ratio was way off.  A healthy diet should consist of a 40/40/20 ratio.  Your liver is your detoxifying organ.  Many people have poor phase two detoxification, and so many times toxins get recycled back into the body as a more toxic substance.  We store our toxins in our fat cells and because fitness models have low body fat these toxins have nowhere to be stored.  That is why many see rebounding and yo-yoing.


She is in her mid twenties and had no estrogen!!!  Estrogen shuts down inflammation in the body, so you can see that her body was totally inflamed.  Inflammation is a key factor in aging and disease.  Estrogen gives you a sense of well being, that everything is okay.  It also protects the brain, the heart, and your bones.

She had no testosterone, which explained no libido, not getting results from her workouts, the lack of desire to work out, and extreme fatigue.

She had no progesterone; this is your happy hormone, the hormone that helps you to sleep.  If you are very emotional, PMS and bleed heavy (if you do have a period), then low levels are many times the problem.

She had burned up her adrenals and had no cortisol.  They have to be completely rebuilt.  This causes unbelievable fatigue, restless sleep, and contributes to other hormone imbalances. When you exercise and diet it puts much stress on the adrenal glands.  It is always important to be on an adrenal support.

Because many cut their healthy fats, most people end up here.  You need at least 25+ grams of fat depending on your size to be healthy.  The doctor has told more than one fitness model to eat a whole egg.  Cholesterol is what makes your hormones.  I always tell people, do one whole egg and the rest egg whites.  You need the nutrients in the yoke and this is where the vitamins and minerals are.

Cholesterol makes 5 hormones.  The first is Pregnenolone and research has shown that when autopsies where done on Alzheimer patients they found they had little to none when it came to Pregnenolone.  Pregnenolone makes DHEA, and DHEA makes Estrogen, Progesterone, and Testosterone.  All very important, as you read a very brief description above.

Ladies, if you do not have a cycle, it isn’t just because your body fat is low, it is because your hormones are messed up. It is unhealthy and will age you much faster.  Get some tests done.  Make sure when checking hormones you do it on days 19-21 of your cycle for accurate numbers.


If you are training and eating right, you should be able to accomplish your goals and get great results within 1 1 ½ hours.  Anything more than this is wearing out your body and aging you at a rapid rate.  Over-training depletes your testosterone at a faster rate. Balance is the key.

If you are looking for someone to follow, one of the very few that I have found that eats and trains balanced is Jamie Eason.  No matter when you see Jamie she always looks the same.  She doesn’t yo-yo in her weight, she eats a lot of food, and her ratio is balanced.  She is extremely lean and it is because she doesn’t drink her meals and recognizes the importance of balance.

Fortunately, many are getting help and making changes.  They are realizing the price they are paying is not what they want.  I think there are many well intending people sharing what they did to get in shape, but unfortunately they don’t have the knowledge of what too low of a caloric intake, to much protein, and over training will do to your system.  Again, this is not meant to offend but to give out data that I have seen with my own eyes. You can’t argue with blood work, which show these practices are anything but safe or healthy.