I was asked by one of my readers to address this subject. He has worked really hard to lose a lot of weight but still struggles with cravings for the junk food he once ate. So for my last post I thought I would help those that struggle with this.

I do believe if you eat good 80% of the time, then 20% you can have what some would call a cheat. It is actually good to have things once in a while to shake up your metabolism. I have seen people that train that will have one meal a week that consist of things that are not part of their program. They end up leaning out better and dont feel deprived. But if that food is a food that you start eating and leads to a binge then you have a problem.

There are many reasons that we crave different things. For some there are emotional connections to different foods or food groups, and for others this is the bodies way of saying you are missing something in your diet.

What Your Food Cravings Are Trying To Tell You 2

Here is a list of physical and emotional reasons you crave different things.


SALT Potassium deficiency

SUGAR blood sugar, low vitamin C, low glycogen stores and high yeast


NUTS-NUTBUTTERS-ICE CREAM Essential Fatty acids many times when you crave this you need some extra lipase in you diet to metabolism the fats. Other wise you never get rid of the craving.

CHOCOLATE Magnesium deficiency

Tomato sauce your body could be looking for sodium if you have had your levels low.

CRUNCHY FOODS-when we are under a lot of stress there is a hormone that is released that actually makes us crave crunch foods. For some reason this helps. Reach for nut thins or flax crackers, that is what I do. Really helps.


SWEETS-symbolic reason for sweet foods are because you are not experiencing the joy or sweetness in your life. Have some fun and watch your blood sugar.

SPICY FOODS many times people that crave this are people that are always on the go and the spiciness gives them a little kick to get them going. Spicy foods also get your imagination going.

SALT– Salt is a magnet for water and the symbolism of this is to help you go with the flow. If you are craving salt, relax and take time to do some meditation or something.

CAFFEINE– for those that have metal exhaustion for trying to juggle to many things at once. It gives you the false impression that you have it all together and are getting everything you need to get done and the truth is you are exhausting the body even more. Instead of grabbing for the caffeine, take a nap and let your body rest.

CRUNCHY THINGS-On a sub conscious level these people are in need of attention or are frustrated because they arent being heard. If you are not someone that speaks up, instead of having something crunchy, get a piece of paper and write down exactly what is on your mind. Then throw it away. It will help you to deal with things. When a person has anxiety or stress they will want something that crunches. it helps with the stress. Find a better way to deal with your stress.

FATS If you are eating tons of peanut butter or nuts, you are a person that is not having fun in your life. You need to find a way to get out and have some fun rather than reaching for fats.

CHOCOLATE– Not feeling loved or romance in your life. Try and spice things up if you are in a relationship.


There are some foods for some people that when they eat them, it creates an addiction reaction, almost like someone that is an alcoholic has a drink and then they are drinking again. I have a friend that cant eat sugar. If she does, then she cant control it and she knows how difficult it will be to get back on track, so she avoids it completely. If you find that you have a food or food group that once you indulge, you cant stop, it is best to avoid completely.


Automatically eating when you have a food craving only makes you overweight. In order to heal your appetite you have got to allow your food craving a few minutes to speak whatever message that is trying to tell you. So heres what you want to do, next time you have a craving, I would like you to wait at least 15 min. before you do anything. During that time I want you to focus on what you are feeling.

1st think about what you are craving is a crunchy, softer creamy, or chewy. if it is crunchy then see if youre feeling tense or Angry or stressed and see what you can do to fix that area. If its soft and creamy then usually thats a feeling of shame or fear also includes anxiety, embarrassment, and other kinds of insecurities. If it is chewy, then this is an actual combination of fear or shame mixed with anger and tension or stress. Once you figured it out then see what you can do to overcome those feelings so you can relieve yourself of the craving.

Once you can get a handle on your cravings it makes it much easier to make healthier choices.