Many people are putting granite counter tops in their homes. Although they are very beautiful, new research shows the toxicity that you may be exposing yourself and your family too. The New York Times article stated that any thing over 4 picocuries per liter of air (a measure of radioactive emission), which is comprable to smoking a half a pack of cigerettes a day, you need to do something about.

Granite Countertops and Radiation 2

Research scientists at Rice University in Houston and at the New York State Department of Health are currently conducting studies of granite widely used in kitchen counters. William J. Llope, a professor of physics at Rice, said his preliminary results show that of the 55 samples he has collected from nearby fabricators and wholesalers, all of which emit radiation at higher-than-background levels, a handful have tested at levels 100 times or more above background.

One lady had her counters tested and they were emitting 100 times the amount that is safe. She chose to have them removed! If you are someone that is struggling with health issues please have your counters tested to make sure it isnt a contributing cause.