Many times when people make the decision to get in shape and eat healthier, they find that once they start eating a more healthy diet that they really struggle with bloating. The average American diet is processed foods and fast foods, as well as high in fat and sugar. Very few eat fresh vegetables and fruits, or grains in their natural state, so as they begin to eat these foods, which are rich in fiber, they experience bloating. Because they have been missing from their diet their bodies dont know what to do with all the fiber it is now being exposed to. If you have been on antibiotics and have high yeast your problem will be worse.

Why BLOATING happens and how to improve it 2

Enzyme and probiotic supplements can really make a difference. Vegetables are high in cellulose; this is a fiber that our bodies cannot break down because we lack the enzyme cellulase. So we will experience major bloating from this. By taking a digestive enzyme right before you eat that is high in cellulase (Digest Gold by Enzymedica has the highest I have found) it can give you great relief. I have had some woman that will look 6-7 months pregnant after eating raw vegetables.

Many times this is a sign that your gut flora is out of balance. By taking a good probiotic like the one that Enzymedica makes, which doesnt have any fillers and has multiple strains of healthy bacteria, you can balance your system out. It will take several months for this to happen. For some they may find that they are more gassy and bloated at first but you have to remember that you have a war going on in your gut where good and bad bacteria is fighting for position. It is important to make sure that you dont stop. You will wake up one morning will no longer have this problem. The more out of balance you are the longer it can take. Having a healthy gut makes all the difference not only in how you feel but in having a fit body.

Fermented foods are very important to a healthy body. The more you can incorporate this the healthier you will be and have less bloating. If you are struggling with bloating this is a sign of a gut that isnt balanced. Remember you didnt get this way overnight and it will take time to fix this.

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