The Importance of Fermented Foods

The Importance of Fermented Foods

Fermented food has been around forever.  The earliest account recorded is 6000 BC.  Many cultures have some form of fermented food that they regularly intake.  Fermented food is considered a live food and the culturing process continues during storage.


Not only do you get the benefit of preservation but the nutrients, as well as the flavor are enhanced.  Many people are deficient in minerals.  The minerals in cultured foods are more bioavailable to the body because of the cultured organisms.  Cultured bacteria have another benefit, it helps produce B vitamins and enzymes as it ferments and this helps to improve digestions.  Above you can see the many bacteria’s that are found in Kefir, which is one of the best natural probiotic that you can take.


As our world becomes increasingly toxic it is important to make sure we are getting fermented foods because they are know for their ability to chelated these toxins out.  These wonderful bacteria’s are known to be very potent detoxifiers, able to detoxify a host of heavy metals and toxins.


The more that you can vary the different fermented and cultured foods the better.  Each one has its own benefits and different cultures and this will help strengthen your gut with a wide variety of different bacteria’s.


Benefits of fermented foods:


Help with digestion.

Balance your gut bacteria’s.

They are abundant in enzymes.

Increases vitamins.

Helps you absorb the things you eat better.

Preserves foods for a longer period of time.

It cost pennies to make so you save money.

Increases the flavor of food.

List of healthy bacteria in Kefir:

fermented food benefits and importance 2

List of healthy yeast in Kefir:

fermented food benefits and importance 3