It is said that you can market crap in a box if you have the right marketing. How many of you have bought things that are low fat? We all have. But when things are changed many times chemicals or sugar is added.

I have had people say to me that they will sit down to a whole box of fat free cookies. They dont realize that the fat has been replaced with chemicals and/or sugar and for those that are insulin resistant, this is worse.

The more you can eat things in their most natural state the better it is. Learning to read labels is so important. Did you know that cereal companies pay thousands of dollars to get endorsements from different organizations? I didnt realize this until I attended a lecture and this was explained. So many times what you see, isnt what you are getting. There is so much hidden in boxes and packages, the more you can avoid the better.

A good example is MSG. MSG is so powerful on your taste buds, which they say you can make cardboard taste palatable. They use this in so many foods today to enhance the flavor and many people have a reaction to it. It is definitely something you would want to avoid.

Here is a list of something’s that can be found that will help you to understand what it might really mean. Unless you have put something together yourself and know for a surety, you may want to avoid these things if you are looking for better health.