• 01 – A perfect, healthy body builds confidence and wards of diseases. To get the perfect body you need to toil. But Fitness Expert Althea Shah gives us 20 easy ways for weight loss and building that sexy figure.
  • 02 – Sticking to a single diet plan is one of the major problems faced by a dieter. Switching from one diet program to other is the normal tendency observed among the dieters. Even if you stick to one weight loss program you sometimes need additional support to make your diet plan successful.
  • 03 – Start your day with a healthy and heavy breakfast. Breakfast is essential to keep your metabolism rate high and it also stabilises your energy levels.
  • 04 – Gillespie rescued from flooded home. Mark Gillespie told how he was forced to climb out of an upstairs window to escape his flooded home.
  • 05 – Consume 2-3 litres of water per day for good healthy, keep your skin hydrated and prevent accumulation of waste in your body. 20 ways to drink water for better health 

10 Tips For Perfect Body

  • 06 – Effective weight loss can be attained by eliminating drinks with calories from your weight loss program. These drinks include carbonated drinks and packaged juices. How healthy is your healthy drink?
  • 07 – Usually at 3 p.m. the energy levels are down hence it is the perfect time to have a snack. But make sure that you opt for healthy snack like low-fat yogurt, vegetables with low calorie dip, small amount of nuts like almonds, walnuts. 20 healthy snacks for health and nutrition.
  • 08 – Whenever you feel hungry it is better to drink a glass of water first. Water will make you feel full hence reducing the chances of overeating. 8 glass water a day myth busted.
  • 09 – It is better you divide your meal into 4 portions. ½ portion of your meal should consist of vegetables, 1/4th portion of starchy products and the remaining 1/4th portion of meat.
  • 10 – It is advisable to drink soups – they are healthy as well as give you a feeling of fullness. It is better to opt for non-cream, low calorie and high fiber soups. 20 soup ideas for diabetics.