Paying attention to our mental health is very important as emotional imbalances cause disturbances in our nervous system and body. Negative emotions like anger, hatred, regret, worry, greed, obsessions, disappointments, deception, jealousy, and anxiety can eventually take a toll on our bodies and cause baldness, early graying, gastro instestinal disease, blood pressure, arthritis, diabetes and even nervous breakdowns.

People say stress is a natural outcome of today’s world, but yoga can help cure both physical and mental health issues. Ashtangyoga says yoga has eight parts. Asanas and pranayama are important, but we must understand the other parts too. Ashtangyog talks about aprigrah. It tells you to limit your material wealth and objects. Keeping your desires within limits reduces stress. It also tells you to put in your best, but leave the rest to God.

Yoga nidra for relaxation

Do the following kriyas to keep you stress-free:

Deep Breathing:  Emotions like fear, anxiety, and anger create stress and affect your breathing. Do deep breathing exercises five to six times a day, at home or even as you work. Feel and visualise that you are inhaling cool and positive air and exhaling hot, stressful and negative air out of your body. As you breathe in air, think you are inhaling positive energy. This leads you to peace.

Yoga Nidra: Stress builds up over time, so make it a practice daily to bring your stress levels to zero. It might build up again, but keep releasing it this way. Practise yoga nidra preferably just before sleeping. Lie on your back with your palms facing upwards. Let your index finger touch your thumb. Think you are in a garden or beach and focus on your breathing and feel that you are cleansing yourself with your own breath. Inhale fresh air and feel all the heaviness in your body flowing out as you exhale the stale air out of your body. Breathe this way for two minutes. As you breathe, loosen up each part, thinking of your body spread out on the floor like water. Focus on each part, making it feel loose and stress-free. Begin with the toes, moving up to the heart and finally your head and mind.

This is really rejuvenating.