A sound sleep helps our body remain physically and mentally fit. Any imbalance between the mind and body disturbs our sleeping patterns. This usually happens in the following situations:

  • Tired Body
  • Active Mind

At night, when your body becomes tired, it needs rest, but at the same time, if your mind is active, then sound sleep is not possible. We make our mind active by latenight TV watching, and in engaging in conversation that stimulates our endocrine glands and release hormones which make our brain waves high. The combination of a tired body and a brain with high waves is never conducive to a good night’s sleep.

Have a good night_s sleep

Tired mind, active body – This condition is common with people who have a sedentary lifestyle. By night, the mind becomes tired, but the body is active because you didn’t use it much during the day. We further make our body more active by having a late dinner. We retire to bed with a tired mind, but with an active body still engaged in digesting food and one that is not ready to slow down.

Unconnected Restless sleepers are usually people not connected with themselves. Being less connected simply means the person cannot recognise his body’s needs. Sleeplessness is a signal from your body that it requires your attention. Sleeping well is about bringing your body and mind to a point where both slow down after a hard day’s work.

Stop mental activity which raises brain waves an hour before sleep. Avoid stimulating conversations on work or family matters and switch off TV. Listen to light instrumental music instead.

Follow a relaxing breathing pattern when you lie down. Inhale fully and hold your breath for a few seconds and then exhale. While exhaling, say “release” in your mind. Repeat ten times. You will start relaxing.

Working with soil for a few minutes daily helps us in getting a sound sleep. The soil (earth) absorbs our negativity. Maintain a small garden or keep potted plants and tend to them.

Picture yourself walking through a garden or relaxing on the beach. Recall this mental image when you go to bed every night. Also, do up your bedroom in soothing colours.