You can treat nocturnal enuresis or bedwetting through psychological counseling and with homeopathy.

A cure for bed wetting

Nocturnal enuresis (bed wetting) is involuntary urination at night. The bladder is a muscular receptacle or container that expands as urine enters and contracts to push urine out. In persons with normal bladder control, nerves send messages to the brain when it must be emptied. But this is ineffective in some people.

Doctors dont always know the exact cause of this. Some children dont make enough ADH or ant diuretic hormone, which means their bodies produce excess urine while theyre sleeping. Sometimes, too many muscle spasms prevent the bladder from holding even the normal amounts of urine. Others have smaller bladders. Sometimes, the condition is hereditary.

Some children sleep so deeply that they dont wake up even when they need to urinate. Diabetes, constipation, and UTI, and spinal cord trauma can cause this in adults as well. Stress is often associated with enuresis and can affect people in all age groups teenagers and adults.

Children can be treated with behavior therapy such as an alarm system that rings when the child wets the bed, rewards for dry nights, asking children to change their bed sheets when they wet the bed, having your child practice holding the urine for longer and longer times or bladder training. Avoiding drinking excess water before sleeping and reducing sugar in the diet helps. Bedwetting can also be treated safely and effectively with homeopathy.

These are prescribed after studying individual symptoms and are very effective. Once treated, symptoms do not recur.

Equisetum treats incontinence in children, and is for avoiding dreams or nightmares that causes them to pass urine.

Causticum treats bed wetting during the first half of sleep at night. This is good for children afraid to sleep alone.

Silicea treats children who bedwet because of worms. Or if they developed the condition after a fall.

Sulphur: This treats children who are scrofulous and unmindful of their hygiene and produce large quantity of colourless urine with mucus and pus.

Kreosote is for controlling bedwetting among children when it is difficult for them to get up or if urine is offensive. Other effective medicines include Arnica, Benzoicum Acidum, Cina, Rhus Tox, Nitric Acid, and Sepia. Please consult a qualified homeopath for the right diagnosis and treatment.